Brightening up, Looking to Spring 2017

Spring is not quite here– but it’s close! California is getting an amazing amount of gorgeous, wonderful rain this winter, which has brought plenty of gray skies with it. A clear, blue day has become something of an anomaly and I find myself gravitating to bright, spring-toned colors to cope.

My 2017 cobalt-blue Sugar Paper Planner is probably most indicative of my current color leanings. However, I’ve also picked up lipsticks from Burt’s Bees in Tulip Tide, Blush Basin and Lily Lake that are both easy to wear and nourishing on the lips.

My current favorite nail polish is Essie’s Angora Cardi and it’s worn well with minimal chipping for the last seven days. I’m almost certain that I’ll being using it again through the end of the month.

My last spring inspiration is Fragonard’s Pebble Soap. It’s so incredibly fragrant that the scent fills an entire room for days and days. It’s also moisturizing and creamy, and lifts my mood whenever I use it.

So, until spring arrives– I’ll find ways to make do. Hope your winter is going well and if you have any tips for brightening moods, be sure to leave a comment.


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