Fragrance: Transition to Fall


It has been quite a long time since I last posted about fragrances– I tend to think the most about which scents I’m wearing when seasons start to change, and so here I go! Let’s chat about letting go of summer and charging straight into fall.


I think I’ve made at least a few posts before about one of my all-time favorite perfumery houses: Fragonard. Located in Grasse, France, I’ve been ordering from Fragonard since I first discovered the label. Right now, I’m wearing their signature scent: Fragonard, named after the house itself. With a white flower base and a hint of amber, this scent is an easy transition from summer to fall. It wears well without being overwhelming, and depending on your own chemistry– the scent gets better as the day wears on.

Fragonard lists this as one of their classic scents and I have to agree; often, my go-to is Belle de Nuit and yet this is a hands-down sophisticated staple.


Now this is something a little different for me and an obvious desperate grab at a quickly-fading summer. Also from Fragonard, Fleur d’ oranger smells exactly like its name. If you’ve had the pleasure of smelling an orange grove when the flowers are in bloom, this is one of the first notes you’ll get from this fragrance. While sweet, orange blossoms also have an underlying earthy smell that I would liken to grass. This fragrance mellows on me after application and grows sweeter throughout the day, losing that earthy tone. I have to use it sparingly, though. Too much is really too much with this one if the application is heavy.


My final scent is a travel spray that I grabbed at Sephora. I am a big fan of scents like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and Viktor and Rolf’s Flower Bomb, which is what drew me to Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium. I took a quick inhale of the tester and fell in love, reminded of some of my favorite fall-to-winter scents. This fragrance is a sweet blend of coffee, vanilla –and, again– white flowers. Delicious! I’m sure it won’t be long before I go back to pick up a bottle.

So, these are the fragrances that I’m wearing most this mid-fall and hope you enjoyed reading about them. If you have any recommendations, be sure to leave a comment. Until next time, and thanks for reading!

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