Review: SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel

I talked A LOT about hyraluronic acid in 2016; it’s a skincare ingredient that really works with my skin type and my somewhat harsh topical routine. I first realized its benefits when using the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream. Cerave AM and PM moisturizers, which also contain hyraluronic acid, were also great finds.

So, I picked up a hyraluronic acid serum as I was curious to see if it could help with the flaking that Tazorac leaves behind. The Replenix Pure Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum knocked my socks off. My skin began to glow. The peeling that Tazorac us caused disappeared. People wanted to know what magic I had worked on my skin.

Skinceuticals B5 Hydrating Gel gave me nearly the same results. Though, my skin didn’t glow– this did help the peeling. It left my skin feeling more hydrated, as well, when used under my everyday moisturizer, but I just didn’t have stellar results.

I’ve used a number of Skinceuticals products over the years to good effect and I suspect that this formulation may work better for people with naturally oiler skin. My skin is combination, and goes dry during the winter. So while it didn’t perform exactly like I’d hoped it would, it just might do that for someone else.

I am also testing out a Skinceuticals moisturizing mask that I just picked up, so expect another skincare review soon. With winter barely over, my skin is desperately in need of all the hydration it can get!

If you have any questions or suggestion, be sure to leave it in the comments. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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