Self Care: Finding Quiet, Thinking Clearer with Colored Noise


Do you use noise to sleep through the night undisturbed? I recently read an article about people utilizing noisy fans to keep themselves asleep. I have such a fan myself, one that produces an impressive hum that blocks out other sounds. It is especially good at masking erratic sounds, like rumbling cars and barking dogs. I also have a noise machine with sixteen different audio settings that range from white noise to nature soundscapes. Having lived in quiet houses deep in the country, as well as in urban lofts nestled between light rail stations, I don’t know what I would do without access to white noise.

And while the effects of white noise seem to be understudied, white noise certainly isn’t underutilized. Despite being a nearly lifelong user of white noise myself, I was recently shocked to learn about other colored noise– opening my eyes, and ears, to the realization that I also use brown, purple, blue and even grey noise to keep myself asleep or calm or simply to clear my mind.

As I think we can all use at least a little self care and consideration, check out the different colors of noise below to see if any might help you to relax or even add clarity to your thoughts.

Pink Noise

Violet Noise

Brown Noise

Blue Noise

Gray Noise

White Noise

If you have any noise related experiences to share, please be sure to leave a comment! And Suggestions are especially welcome.

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