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Self Care: 5 Tips to Let Nature Help with the Heavy Lifting

I spend a disproportionate amount of my life documenting and citing the link between nature and stress reduction. When I say nature, I mean the kind that you find outdoors. It could be in a healing garden designed specifically for reducing stress in … Continue reading

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Black Friday: eschewing the shops, let’s go for a walk

Like most people, I struggle the most with my fitness around the winter months. It was during a Halloween party this year that I hit an all-time low when I spent 15 straight minutes listening to someone explain how they … Continue reading

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Free Online Yoga Classes: Resources for Your Practice

First off: I’d like to welcome back Autumn. It is a joy to be with you again. Secondly: I’m in need of new Yoga pants and while I thought that I might make a blog post about my favorite brands … Continue reading

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Personal Rituals: Adie Knits a Scarf

We all have rituals that give our lives a greater sense of depth, even if they may seem meaningless to the world around us. Because rituals seem to be more and more subjective, at times completely removed from the traditional … Continue reading

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Yoga: Excessive Sweating

People have been asking lately: do you sweat a lot during your Yoga practice? You may have heard that excessive sweating during Yoga can be linked to a poor fitness level or the quality of your breathing. Excessive sweating can also … Continue reading

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